"Financial and estate planners can sometimes recommend strategies which leave their clients with serious and unforeseen tax repercussions. As a tax and financial expert, it is my strong belief that sound investment strategies are incomplete without giving careful consideration to tax planning. For example: a 40% return on an investment may sound great, but when it's taxed at a 60% tax rate it's not nearly as attractive as a 30% return taxed at a 15% tax rate . When clients work with me, they not only receive professional financial plans and strategies, but the confidence that their plan is designed with the best overall approach including a reduced exposure to unnecessary taxes."
Lawrence Kopf , MBA, CPA

  April 15,1996


What is my situation?
  • Do my investments offer high growth potential?
  • Are my tax payments as low as possible?
  • Is my retirement income planning adequate? How can I be sure?
  • Does my life insurance program meet the requirements of my estate plan? How can I be sure?
  • Do I have a Will? Does my spouse?
  • Were I to become disabled, do I have a non-work source of income?
  • Do I have adequate personal life insurance? Does my spouse?
  • In the event of my death, will my family be able to pay off all loans and maintain our current standard of living?
  • Do I need assistance from a qualified advisor in planning my insurance needs?
  • Do I have a current list of important personal papers and their locations?
  • Does my executor know the contents and location of my Last Will and Testament and my estate plans?
  • Do I fully understand my life insurance death benefits?
  • Do I understand my employer's death benefit program?
  • Have I designated a guardian for my children?
  • Is my spouse's &/or my Last Will and Testament current and consistent with my estate plans?
  • Do I understand how my estate will be taxed?
  • Do I know what my family will receive from the net proceeds of my estate?
  • Does my estate plan take inflation and standard of living into account?


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