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Your Tax Guide is proud to introduce Tax Notebook for the Internet, our online tax organizer that forever changes the way you submit your tax data. Residing on secure servers , this powerful Internet tool delivers expanded levels of convenience and technology that allow you to better interact with us. With Your Tax Organizer you no longer deal with the preparation and mailing costs associated with paper tax organizers, and instead enjoy a secure transfer of data via the Internet.

How You Benefit

Your Tax Organizer allows you to enjoy a new, innovative approach regarding how you provide your tax data, all through the convenience of the Internet. You will be guided through a streamlined tax interview process that is more intuitive and less time consuming than completing the traditional paper organizer, and you will appreciate the following benefits:

Offers the convenience of a secure, browser-based tax interview, allowing you to utilize your home computer to save time and effort.

Provides an organized interview format that ensures important information is not overlooked.

Ensures you only answer relevant sections of Your Tax Organizer based on your answers to pertinent questions such as."Did you own real estate?"

Provides intuitive screens that guide you through the interview process quickly and easily.

Allows you to clearly track which sections are complete and which still need input, so you can easily monitor your progress.

Allows you to print a report of your information for your own records.

Should you choose to complete your organizer online this year, please call or e-mail our office and let us know so that we can provide you with a unique access ID and password for access to your data. For security reasons, information necessary to access your online organizer will only be provided to you verbally by someone familiar with your account.

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